Dion Scher - 416 - Aug 13, 2014

For error handling I’ve been throwing exceptions (i.e. ArgumentException) when a service wishes to abort. Particularly when access is denied. However this seems to have the effect of causing an exception which resulted in the IIS 7.5 process crashing and my apps performance going down the toilet.

When I tried removing the thrown exception and instead returning a null value, everything then worked fine. And I have no idea why but I wish to get to the bottom of it.

Does anyone have any idea why what I thought of as a standard SS pattern is crashing the IIS worker process? Is this another example of IIS hijacking and taking over before SS can handle it properly?

Bruno Lopes:

Do you have an exception handler that might be itself throwing? I’ve seen something similar happening with an integration with elmah and/or stack exchange’s exceptional, where an exception was caught by a handler but due to a bug it caused another exception, which crashed the process.  

Dion Scher:

Not that I’m aware of. I’ll look into that but something seems to be hijacking the SS exception handler.