Disposing and ReuseScope.Request


We have a quite big application built on .NET Framework (4.7.2) and ServiceStack 5.9.2 deployed on IIS. Tried to update to ServiceStack 5.12 the other day, however we discovered that the dispose methods weren’t called as they were before the update resulting in connection leaks and other issues. We have realized that you don’t recommend using ReuseScope.Request but since this application has been using it since 5+ years we have a lot of code dependending on it.

Doing the upgrade that we want to do, is it ServiceStack itself or the surrounding libraries that give this changed behavior?

And secondly, is there any way to, at least temporarily, have the old behavior back?

This is first I’ve head of this issue in a v5.9+ release. What’s the best way to repro this behavior?

Will try to provide an example. Just stuck with other things :frowning: