Does AutoQuery break swagger feature?

Thanks for you help, i have test my api with AutoQuery and it’s work very well.

But i find if i use AutoQuery, the swagger feature will be break. For example, i create my DTO like this

    public class FindNotices : QueryBase<Notice>
        public long Id { get; set; }

        public int? NoticeType { get; set; }

I can see the “Notice” entry in the swagger-ui, but when i click it, it’s not giving any response.

I’ve added a few fixes to Swagger support where this should be fixed now in v4.0.43+ that’s now on MyGet.

If you’ve already got MyGet installed see instructions for redownloading from MyGet.

I find auto query has a lot of good feature, i am not sure if i need these feature, for example, <age,age<.

could you tell me which scenario is suitable to use auto query?
Does SS suggest AutoQuery to expose wab api?

It just provides Automatic Querying for your Database Table without having to manually implement the service to do it yourself.

So with just this AutoQuery Request DTO:

public class FindNotices : QueryBase<Notice> {}

You can query any of the fields on the Notice table, e.g: you can query all Notices with Id’s greater than 100 with:


Read the AutoQuery Documentation for other examples.

I has read document,I just want to know which style is suggested by you, i find the example below is different from AutoQuery. I think AutoQuery can do everything instead of my DIY service, but i really don’t like study the syntax of it.

AutoQuery doesn’t replace all Services, from the Basic Customers REST example the only Service that you could use AutoQuery for is:

[Route("/customers", "GET")]
public class GetCustomers : IReturn<List<Customer>> { }

Which if I needed to Query Customers (i.e. instead of returning all Customers) I would replace with:

[Route("/customers", "GET")]
public class QueryCustomers : QueryBase<Customer> { }

Which will now let you query Customers, e.g:


Refer to AutoQuery docs for other examples.