Does ResolveService use cache w new CacheResponse Attribute?

My testing seems to indicate the cache isn’t used when using ResolveService inside another.

If I set a breakpoint in my Factory method in a unit test that runs the service 3 times, I get 3 calls of the factory method.

using (var service = base.ResolveService<OrgContractTotalsService>())
   var cnt = (OrgContractTotals)service.Any(new OrgContractTotals() { OrgID = 0 }); 
... do stuff
[CacheResponse(Priority = -1, Duration = CacheExpirySeconds.DailyLoadIndicator)]
public class OrgContractTotalsService : Service
   public object Any(OrgContractTotals req)
     return OrgContractTotalsFactory.GetObject(req);

That’s right, the cache isn’t used for in process requests.