Does the ServerEventsClient ever lose connection entirely once connected?

I’ve done some quick tests but just wanted clarification.

I have the server events feature enabled in two services (let’s say A and B). Using the .Net/C# ServerEventsClient I setup a connection from service A to service B. Service A relays any messages originating from service B to clients that are connecting via the JavaScript Server Sent Events client to service A, hope that makes sense?

My code attempts this A->B Server Events client connection on startup, if it gets an exception (unable to connect, timeout, etc) it uses a timer to retry connecting in X seconds (from testing, the client doesn’t seem to start any auto reconnect attempts until it has a successful connect)

My question is once the .Net/C# client has connected successful and is receiving data, I notice if the client disconnects for any reason it will continually attempt to reconnect. Is there any situation whereby I would need to manually tell it to reconnect?

Sorry for the long winded explanation!

It’s designed to automatically try to reconnect when it detects that its active connection is unresponsive. There’s no known issue where you’d need to manually intervene.