Does the VisualStudio plugin uses POST or GET when calling ServiceStack?


I have a fairly large service model and I would like to generate only part of it. I know that I can use the IncludeTypes option to generate the types I need however I need to include many requests (50+).

I would like to know if I will hit a wall if I include too many request. For example I may hit the maximum number of characters for a GET request if the “options” are sent in the query string.

There’s no built-in restriction for QueryString size in ServiceStack but IIS/ASP.NET may impose some limit on the size of urls it will allow.

IIS’ limit of 2048 characters in the querystring may cause a problem for me.

I looked at the VS plugin code of the plugin and it looks straightforward to change the request from a GET to a POST. Would you be open to this change? I could create a pull request with the changes required.

No, this should be a GET request. Note you can also use a RequestDto.* wildcard to bring in all DTOs dependent on a Request DTO which can reduce the queryString size.

Also you can change the maxQueryString IIS/ASP.NET Request Limit.