Dose SS consider package size in Xamarin.iOS

My Xamarin.iOS app use MVVMCross,, http module write by template,it’s work fine but the package size beyond 50M. I want to use SS feature to instead my json and http module, i want to know dose SS consider package size in Xamarin.iOS, because i find SS use a lot of template too.

I don’t understand the question?

I mean the iPhoneApplication of Xamarin.iOS is bigger than objc.
I want to know if SS will make my ipa bigger.

I am using ServiceStack in my Xamarin.IOS applications and I am not concerned about the package size. It uses less than 400KB, and that will be further compressed in the zipping of the IPA.

Use of any library in Xamarin.iOS or even in an objc or swift project is going to increase the footprint.

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Thank you, i am glad somebody have test the SS before me in Xamrin.iOS.