Doug Schmidt - 129 - Mar 6, 2014

Are the debug symbols available for 4.0.12? I was trying to debug a broken query, and could never get the symbols to load. This worked on earlier builds. (VS2012+.Net4)

I tried clearing my symbol cache, but still no symbols. Symbols for other NuGet packages are being downloaded correctly, just nothing for SS 4.0.12.

Yeah they get published as part of the CI deployment on every release as you can see on the SymbolSource website:

But honestly it can be a dark art on why on some releases it works and others it doesn’t, and you can only test to see if it works after it’s been deployed. There’s also not much visibility on what’s wrong when VS.NET doesn’t let you debug into the published symbols.

Drazen Dotlic:

I just tried and couldn’t get the source debugging working even though VS downloaded SS PDBs. As Demis said, this is a black art/magic and I’ve again given up on trying to make it work with Visual Studio (2013 in my case, latest update).