Drazen Dotlic - 270 - May 15, 2014

I am unable to open an issue on GitHub (can’t figure out why), so here goes a tiny error report that should hopefully be easy to fix: when using PostFileWithRequest from SL5 app, the app crashes with System.NotImplementedException, call stack follows:

    System.Net.Browser.BrowserHttpWebRequest.set_AllowAutoRedirect(Boolean value)
    ServiceStack.Sl5PclExport.Config(HttpWebRequest req, Nullable1 allowAutoRedirect, Nullable1 timeout, Nullable1 readWriteTimeout, String userAgent, Nullable1 preAuthenticate)
    ServiceStack.ServiceClientBase.PrepareWebRequest(String httpMethod, String requestUri, Object request, Action1 sendRequestAction)<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; ServiceStack.ServiceClientBase.&lt;&gt;c__DisplayClass1b1.<PostFileWithRequest>b__18()
    ServiceStack.ServiceClientBase.PostFileWithRequest[TResponse](String relativeOrAbsoluteUrl, Stream fileToUpload, String fileName, Object request)

Demis, I’ve seen you’ve been working on exactly this API call very recently (last few commits) as well as updated SL5 DLLs, maybe you could quickly look into this or confirm that it has already been fixed?

We’re on 4.0.11, looking to upgrade to the latest most likely tomorrow. If a simple upgrade will resolve this (meaning it already works in current version) then sorry for the noise.

The Issues have moved here: https://github.com/ServiceStack/Issues

Just tested it in both ClientHttp and BrowserHttp clients, attempting to set it throws NotImplementedException so no longer attempting to set it in this commit:

Drazen Dotlic:

Great! Any idea on when the next NuGet package will come out? What was it, week or two week between releases (under regular circumstances)?

Drazen Dotlic:

Thanks for the pointer to issues, was looking for it in the ServiceStack repo like crazy for several minutes :slight_smile:

Next NuGet release is likely in 2 weeks, but you can grab that change on MyGet now:

Drazen Dotlic:

OK, looks like the fix(es) have completely broken the SL support for PostFileWithRequest. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything I can send you - there’s no crash, no exception, nothing traced - once I call the aforementioned API, SL client just sits there. The .NET clients works fine against the same service, so it has to be in the client.
I will post this info to github issues and link back here.

Left comments on the Issues list, I’m curious when SL ever had support for sync calls like PostFileWithRequest in the UI Thread?

Drazen Dotlic:

Yeah, never, sorry if my discourse implied that it did. For those interested, the discussion in the issue is interesting, should follow it there.