Drazen Dotlic - 466 - Mar 17, 2014

Is there a reason for the ServiceStack.RabbitMq NuGet package to depend on #Redis and #OrmLite packages? I can see why this is physically (because the package depends on ServiceStack.Server which in turn depends on the above two packages) but I don’t see the logical connection. We just want to use #RabbitMq and don’t need/want the other two packages.

Just had a look it was sharing the WorkerStatus class with RedisMQ, but since that’s all it was sharing I’ve moved it down to SS.dll in this commit:

Next release RabbitMq will only depend on ServiceStack

Drazen Dotlic:

Awesome! 17 minutes to read my inquiry, look at the source, improve the behavior and post the response back. You put most other commercial products to shame with this kind of turnaround :slight_smile:

Benefit of working full-time and having the development environment open + ready to serve :slight_smile: