DTO property doesn't display in API Explorer

I’ve got a simple DTO:

public class QueryArticles : IReturn<QueryArticlesResponse>
    public string Id { get; set; }

    [Input(Type = "textarea")]
    public Condition TagConditions { get; set; }

Where Condition is a custom class:

public class Condition
    public string RequireKeyword { get; set; }
    public string DisallowKeyword { get; set; }

    [Input(Type = "textarea")]  // just a test, didn't help
    public List<Condition> Or { get; set; }
    [Input(Type = "textarea")]  // just a test, didn't help
    public List<Condition> And { get; set; }    

When I open API Explorer, the only form field I can input is the ID. To send anything for the Condition, I have to edit using the JSON-tab, however entering this into the JSON input field:

    "id": "1",

ServiceStack will just stay there and hang. Inspecting the network traffic reveals this is sent as the query parameters:


Worth noting:
Using PostMan, issuing a GET request with the raw body


Works perfectly. The “tagConditions” are deserialilzed perfectly.

I’d just like to work through SS ApiExplorer as well.

There are no HTML Form Inputs for complex types, only primitive types are supported. You’ll need to use a custom form as you wont be able to edit complex types in any Auto UI.

Although you should still be able to use API Explorer’s JSON Form to submit a complete JSON Request DTO.