Dylan v.d Merwe - 376 - Nov 22, 2014

Hey Demis

Something small I noticed, I don’t think the code examples in this section are correct: https://github.com/ServiceStack/ServiceStack.OrmLite#reference-conventions

 public Id { get; set; } 

Missing types.

For some reason I can’t really read this post - did you mean to post the API image? Which code example is incorrect? do you have actual vs proposed?

Dylan v.d Merwe:

Sorry about the image. Just pointing out there seems to be a problem with OrmLite’s readme code snippets in the Reference Conventions section.

Which one? what’s wrong with it?

Darren Reid:

I think +Dylan v.d Merwe might be talking about the pseudo code starting at line 499 of the readme.md. Just below reference conventions title.


’public Id { get;set; }’ is missing ‘int’ or ‘long’ etc for property type.

ahh ok yeah, its just pseudo code - what would be better there, leave as-is, use T or just choose a specific datatype like int long?

Darren Reid:

Probably just add ‘int’ I guess, would make it consistent with other snippets? People will choose most appropriate type for their app I hope.

ok cool, done.

Sir Thomas:

Hope so too!