Editing HTML Templates

I am trying to edit HtmlFormat.html to customize the html response pages, but the I am looking specifically to customize the header and the original url displayed below the header. The HtmlFormat file uses variables ${Header} and ${ServiceUrl} for the inner text. How can I replace these values or find the source producing them?

You can change the title and heading variables on the HtmlFormat class itself, e.g these are the defaults:

using ServiceStack.Formats;

HtmlFormat.TitleFormat = @"{0} Snapshot of {1}";
HtmlFormat.HtmlTitleFormat = @"Snapshot of <i>{0}</i> generated by <a href=""https://servicestack.net"">ServiceStack</a> on <b>{1}</b>"

Thank you, very convenient. I am trying to use the templates to further customize, but the tables are not being built and I see nothing in the docs to accomplish this. The templates have placeholders like {2} wnere the tables or other items go.

The source code is in the HtmlFormat class (linked above) which uses the static HtmlFormat.html template which you can override by including a local copy of /Templates/HtmlFormat.html.

Thank you, was using the templates without the class.