Emberjs example

I read a lot of documents and try some examples this weekend. I like the wiki and examples. These people do really good job to run this open source project.
I have some questions:

  1. I want to know is there an ember template. I like ember more than Angular.
  2. I buy indie license for ServiceStack 4, how many projects i could use this license?
  3. Could i use ServiceStack 3 without pay for it?
  4. Could i download ServiceStack 4 code to modify it and then to use it for my business?
  5. How do i join your team? If i join your team, could i use it without pay for it? My company has three C# developers, i think they can do some good things.

Thank you very much in advance.

I’ll answer your questions inline:

  1. No we don’t have an Ember VS.NET template, we’re just supporting AngularJS and React SPA VS.NET templates. You could potentially start with a React SPA template, remove the React references and add Ember’s npm references since the primary difference with SPA js frameworks is the client-side bower/npm references.

  2. The developer licenses are royalty-free so licensed developers can develop and deploy unlimited projects.

  3. Yes you can v3 for free, download and install instructions are at: https://github.com/ServiceStackV3/ServiceStackV3
    Please note we don’t provide any support for v3 so any support questions should be asked on StackOverflow.

  4. Yes you can use a modified version of v4 under the same commercial terms as your developer license.

  5. Any developer working for ServiceStack does get free licenses, but we only hire by invitation based on a history of high quality work with ServiceStack. If you believe you can add value, you can email your CV/GitHub projects to team@servicestack.net for consideration.

Thank you. This answer excellent.