Enabling RequestLogsFeature in Stage

I’ve enabled Plugins.Add(new RequestLogsFeature());

Shows fine locally … but how do I enable it to also show the option in our stage environment?




I remember that before (v.4x) I didn’t need anything special, as we add the option on stage and using the #if !PRODUCTION we could show it everywhere but production environment … I must be missing something simple, as I have no longer a directive and still does not show in stage or production :confused:

To see this section, you need to build your solution in Debug mode or add the sentence Config.DebugMode = true in AppHost.Configure method

Here is the reference from ServiceStack wiki:

The Debug Links section is only available in DebugMode (recap: set by default in Debug builds or explicitly with Config.DebugMode = true). In addition, users with the Admin role (or if Config.AdminAuthSecret is enabled) can also view the debug Plugins UI's in production.

I knew it was a simple missing step :smile:

thank you!