Erica Abbott - 94 - May 26, 2014

I’ve just upgraded a project to version 4. The licencing is all working perfectly in development (using the app.config key method). I just wondered if someone can point me in the correct direction with regard to licencing in deployment? Is the license key still required in the app.config for a deployed service, or is it just needed for development?

It’s also required for deployment (which works exactly the same way as it does during dev). Although there are a number of different ways you can register your license key, i.e:

Erica Abbott:

OK. I hadn’t realised that. So, does that mean that we need to maintain a subscription in order for any of the applications we develop for clients to continue working? I’m sure the license agreement makes this all clear, but it is sometime hard to grasp the implications of some of the details in such licenses.

Nope, the license only compares the expiry date of the license with the release date of the software, not the current date. So you can use the last update before your maintenance expires in perpetuity.

Erica Abbott:

OK. Good. When we looked into the licensing originally, I had understood that it would work something like that, but once reaching actual deployment stage it didn’t seem clear of how it would work in practice. Thanks for clearing it up.