Error adding web/service reference from visual studio using the "default" service stack empty solution

Hello I’ve created the a serivce stack aspnet client solution … : it comes with the default hello service.

I compiled and got the link for the wsdl (soap12) and used it for an “add service/web reference” in visual studio

If I do “add web reference” I get:
Custom tool error: Unable to import WebService/Schema. Unable to import binding ‘WSHttpBinding_ISyncReply’ from namespace ‘’. Unable to import operation ‘Hello’. The element ‘’ is missing. C:\ProgrammingStuff\MyCode\d3sabba\netnativeclienttoSStack\netnativeclienttoSStack\Properties\Settings.settings 1 1 netnativeclienttoSStack

If I do “add service reference” I get:
Custom tool error: Failed to generate code for the service reference ‘ServiceReference1’. Please check other error and warning messages for details. C:\ProgrammingStuff\MyCode\d3sabba\netnativeclienttoSStack\netnativeclienttoSStack\Service References\ServiceReference1\Reference.svcmap 1 1 netnativeclienttoSStack

can you help ?
thank you

P.S. : I’m actually having problem with an actual service stack service : in this case the “add web reference” blows and the “add service reference” creates a proxy with void return type. … I came to the error with the basic service stack solution trying to figure out what is wrong with my actual service

Have you looked at the SOAP Support page? If you haven’t already you can specify the WSDL namespace for all DTO’s by adding an Assembly attribute in your DTO Project’s AssemblyInfo.cs file:

[assembly: ContractNamespace("", 
       ClrNamespace = "<YOUR NAMESPACE>")]

Also you’ll need to annotate all your DTO’s with [DataContract] and [DataMember] attributes, e.g:

public class Hello : IReturn<HelloResponse>
    public string Name { get; set; }

public class HelloResponse
    public string Result { get; set; }