EventStore in ServiceStack.Core?

the MacLeanElectrical has created a plugin servicestack-eventstore (thanks MacLean)
Is it possible to add/improve/extend it and put under the ServiceStack code for .Net Core ?

For any questions that’s not for the core ServiceStack team please include a mention from someone from the MacLean Electrical team, e.g. @Mac

Feel free to have any discussions about any ServiceStack related project here but the first place you should submit any feature requests should be on the Github Project so it reaches the right people, e.g:

We welcome things we can do to increase awareness of quality Community Contributions like this but putting it under ServiceStack organization isn’t the solution as it should be clear that this project is created/maintained by MacLean’s and not to be confused with a ServiceStack project that’s officially supported by ServiceStack. They’re welcome to use our CI but this project is already under CI so there’s no benefit as it’d be much harder to manage a CI that’s not under their control.

In the meantime we’ll look at ways we can increase awareness for community projects.

Hi @Stefan,

thanks for showing an interest in one of our plugins for ServiceStack. As @mythz says, these are typically projects which integrate with 3rd party tools which don’t belong under the ServiceStack umbrella and are therefore deliberately not part of ServiceStack. We make them available in the hope that others can benefit from using them, as well as to help us extend and improve them over time.

We definitely want to encourage any discussions/issues or feature requests for our projects on the specific issue trackers in github as it will help others to have that information in the most relevant place.

Now to answer your specific question, we haven’t yet looked at porting any of our plugins to .net core.

I personally feel the tooling support is lacking right now and like many, am waiting until things stabilise more and major breaking changes like the new project system have settled down. That said, we will be using .net core ourselves so we will port all of our projects over at some point next year.

In the meantime, if anyone with experience of building and publishing nuget packages to target the various ,net standards from desktop to CI wants to help with advice or PR’s to the projects, that would be most welcome.

Hi @Mac, thanks for your good work.
I agree that the tooling support for .net core is lacking right now. But in case we want to start a greenfield project - product we can’t wait till Q2 2017 (as it is for the moment, the roadmap of v. 1.2 ). Also we can’t build it with full .net framework, as there are big differences plus we want to run it in Linux. The excellent work of @mythiz in ServiceStack.Core, allows me to start right now.
I need event sourcing complementary to relational data to describe certain behaviors during a business process.
I will see if I could help you, with the porting, but myself also now I am researching the .net core.
I would like also to ask you if we can run the event-store embedded in the ServiceStack self-host application.
My initial question to @mythiz had the meaning (probably I could not express it well) to provide a common interface (e.g. as his MQ servers) for different implementations of event-sourcing.
For example, an excellent MS Orleans open source contributor has implemented a plugin StreamStone for the Azure Table Storage. It would be nice, if ServiceStack had a common interface for different implementations of event sourcing.
thanks again