Exception raised using GetColumnDefinition

I just upgraded to 4.5.14 and came across this exception when trying to call GetColumnDefinition. It looks like the underlying FirstAttribute<T> method fails when there are none according to the StackTrace below.

   at ServiceStack.PlatformExtensions.AllAttributes(PropertyInfo propertyInfo, Type attrType)
   at ServiceStack.PlatformExtensions.AllAttributes[TAttr](PropertyInfo pi)
   at ServiceStack.PlatformExtensions.FirstAttribute[TAttribute](PropertyInfo propertyInfo)
   at ServiceStack.OrmLite.SqlServer.SqlServer2012OrmLiteDialectProvider.GetColumnDefinition(FieldDefinition fieldDef)

The specific type that raised this was from the UserAuthSession table, because there are 2 new columns that need to be added (Meta, AuthProvider) and I was going to dynamically add the columns instead of drop/create table. It worked for Meta but not AuthProvider.

For Session, I can live with DropCreate, but it highlights there might be a null error in https://github.com/ServiceStack/ServiceStack.Text/blob/635cfb3bbf37b9e0ee527a07b9f5e70865a49d32/src/ServiceStack.Text/PlatformExtensions.cs#L758


Can you please provide some code that repro’s the issue?

Will try to extract this…