Expand Generic Type when documenting responses

I have an api method defined as:

public AppContentResponse<LRAAlertQC> Get(ArchivioAlertQCGetAll request)
    // do something
    return new AppContentResponse<LRAAlertQC>(count, content);

The OperationControl just returns the generic part of AppContentResponse:

AppContentResponse<T> Parameters:
Name      Parameter      Data Type      Required      Description
Count     form           int            No                        Numero di risorse presenti sul server
Content   form           List<T>        No            Lista delle risorse restituite. Vedere di seguito per i dettagli relativi ai tipi.

But it doesn’t document the T part. If I extend AppContentResponse assigning a static type:

public class DocumentedResponse: AppContentResponse<LRAAlertQC>

everything shows as expected.

Is it possibile to manually extend\override the generation of the metadata, allowing me to “dig down” into the AppContentResponse type and also documenting the T? Every API method I have returns a AppContentResponse where TResponse is the real response type.

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