Extracting data from DapperRow

I have a use-case which needs in one query 12 joins.
How can the following query be extracted to List<ResearchEntity>?

var from =
       .LeftJoin<ResearchEntity, NameEntity>((x, y) => x.Id == y.ResearchId)
       .LeftJoin<ResearchEntity, CountryEntity>((x, y) => x.Id == y.ResearchId)
       .LeftJoin<ResearchEntity, EmailEntity>((x, y) => x.Id == y.ResearchId)
       .LeftJoin<ResearchEntity, PhoneEntity>((x, y) => x.Id == y.ResearchId)
       /// 12 joins in total...
       .SelectDistinct(x => x.Id);

       using (var multi = db.QueryMultiple(from.ToSelectStatement()))
            //var res = multi.Read<dynamic>();

QueryMultiple is Dapper’s API, a verbatim copy is embedded in OrmLite since they’re both Micro ORMs providing extension methods off IDbConnection, but otherwise they’re separate & isolated code-bases, your example uses OrmLite to generate the SQL (albeit invalid for selecting 12 tables for usage in QueryMultiple), but Dapper to execute it, please refer to Dapper’s project and docs for its correct usage.

OrmLite uses SelectMulti for selecting multiple tables.

SelectMulti is limited to 6 or seven joins, correct?

Not limited by joins, but by selecting in 7 tables:

Yes this is what i meant…
I can do how many joins that i want, but i can select / present data from 7…