F# type serialization experimentation

I’m experimenting with f# type and ServiceStack…
I upload my test solution to:

I have an issue with the integration test.

I must put F# type member mutable. If I want my integration test to work.
But why it’s working with the unit test ?

I don’t recommend building your ServiceStack Server in F# as many of “F# specific types” and non-nullable defaults isn’t supported by most serializers. Stick to C# on the server and use F# on the client when needed.

If you want to know how to define F# DTOs have a look at /types/fsharp on the different ServiceStack instances, e.g:


i.e. Each member must be a nullable getter/setter and the type must be decorated with [<AllowNullLiteral>]. But I’d still recommend against defining your Service Boundary with F#, it would be better to do something like defining your ServiceStack Services and DTOs in C# and implement your core logic in a separate F# assembly that way interoperability behavior between C# <-> F# models is contained within your implementation.

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