Feature request: More flexible API Explorer

After switching to the new (very nice) /ui, which I’ll refer to as API explorer, a few things are lost:

  1. It only shows UI for those query parameters available in the DTO object. However since my Service is an AutoQuery service, I should be allowed to pass in those parameters as well. I suggest a free text “additional URL filters” box or something, as the full list of possible filters w. AutoQuery would fill up the whole UI. And it’s intended for developer anyway, so writing a query string or similar would be no problem.

This would allow us to explore more with the API Explorer.

  1. Copy URL.

The way it is currently, we have to go to Locode to explore the parameters (and copy URL) for AutoQuery services, but this doesn’t cut it for everything, such as overriden AutoQuery services.

Please submit feature requests to GitHub Discussions at https://servicestack.net/ideas so they don’t get lost where the feature can be discussed and demand can be measured.

Which is by design, if you want UI for your AutoQuery request you should add explicit properties on the Request DTO.

API Explorer is a generic UI for calling any API, if you want to an optimized UI for calling AutoQuery APIs you should use Locode instead.

You can already use JSON Form to call APIs with a custom Request DTO:

Thanks, I didn’t know the JSON box could be used for GET queries. That solves my issue.

I’d like to clarify that I don’t want a “special” UI for AutoQuery, I was just asking to be able to call using all the parameters that were possible, even if not explicitly added in the DTO, and now I can do that.

I’ll try to remember the Ideas site in the future.