Filter search on reference field's RefLabel doesn't work

This is regarding reference field and label being displayed.
Its quite confusing to users when filtering on those column’s values.

In this application of locode Northwind application we get to see those reference fields having names or readable text displayed instead of its IDs.
And such behavior is achieved using attribute something like
[Ref(Model = nameof(User), RefId = nameof(User.Id), RefLabel = nameof(User.UserName))]

Problem or requirement is to filter that column in the table/grid. Users won’t know the internal IDs to apply. What could be the workaround to filter by visible values instead of internal IDs.

Error while trying to filter with displayed value is quite obvious because of type mismatch - int to string.

Please advice on workaround to handle this scenario where am fine to filter by displayed/visible string which is from reference table’s name kind column.

Updating working scenario: If ID is passed as input instead of displayed string, filter does work as expected though.


Locode is a UI for calling the AutoQuery API which only supports filtering by the column of the target table, not its reference fields so you wont be able to filter by the reference field label.

Thanks for reply.
Noted about this behavior and will try to tweak things accordingly.