ForceInclude Metadata does not make it into the OpenApi plugin

ok must be a restriction when using dotnet which I just thought was a simple .exe runner, nuget locals ? says to use:

usage: NuGet locals <all | http-cache | global-packages | temp | plugins-cache> [-clear | -list]

nuget locals all -clear

nuget locals http-cache -clear

nuget locals temp -list

nuget locals global-packages -list

For more information, visit

Yeah, I’m seeing things move towards single dash, single letter, or double dash, whole word convention.

Once I added the --clear, it removed all my nugets. Unfortunately, my github actions are not finding the package :frowning:

Not seeing a problem here, just re-deployed an app using the latest MyGet packages which deployed without issues.

This is the NuGet.config it’s using to reference the latest packages on MyGet.

Nope, you’re all good. I just had to add a restore step and supply the correct Nuget.Config.

And I can now confirm that my Api Management is updating again. :slight_smile:

All-n-all a successful night / morning. Thank-you again for your rapid response.

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