Format change and the problems associated with it

Hi everybody.

The new version has changed the return response authentication and does not match the description. And because of this stopped working…

In ServiceStack Core 1.0.43

In ServiceStack 4.5.8 no such problems.


As per our .NET Release Notes and documentation, camelCase is the default for .NET Core. You can use Config.UseCamelCase to change it, but I wouldn’t recommend it as camelCase is the default for all of .NET Core.

Secondly, ServiceStack’s serializers and Service Clients are case-insensitive, so either camelCase or PascalCase will work.

Lastly, the screenshot shows the Typed DTO schema properties whilst the content area shows the wireformat which is different per serialization format.

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Demis, thanks for the explanation, now everything is clear! :slight_smile: we have forntend angular for which you have already created a class for the deserialization, after updating the field is just not filled.

I don’t know what you’re referring to, please provide the source code that repros the issue and the raw HTTP Response you’re trying to deserialize it with.

You already answered my question!
No questions now, all right, I got the error because I did it.

get err form this: tmp = appUserObject.UserName

ah ok, i thought you were still getting the error - glad it’s sorted!

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