Fredrick Lackey - 29 - Nov 30, 2014

VERY interesting link below.  Is Telerik’s ORM product using ServiceStack or just using the TERM “service stack?”  

Well they are a customer and the link of that snippet looks like it’s using the ServiceStack and ServiceStack.Interfaces NuGet packages, so I’m assuming generating ServiceStack services is one of their new features :slight_smile:

Fredrick Lackey:

That’s what I saw, but it seemed almost too good to be true.  So, in theory, this means, model-first generation now exists for SS.  And, since their product is free, there’s possibly gonna be a lot of happy customers.

Brian Stewart:

+Demis Bellot Yes it is one of the new features - I’m a paying customer with Telerik (fantastic products ) - its great that Open Access is now free too  - they already support web api service generation

+Brian Stewart awesome, always great to see large vendors like Telerik adding support for SS :) this looks like it’s a great value-add.