Fredrick Lackey - 41 - Oct 30, 2014

Anyone ever run into a scenario where no operations were available?  I’m in the middle of a “lunch and learn” where my goal was to show off SS.  After creating the most basic solution structure, with two services, nothing is available.  I’ve rebuilt the solution from scrach… TWICE… and checked every StackOverflow article I can find.  No success.  I’d absolutely love an extra set of eyes.

Maybe you have a startup exception? Can you check if ?debug=requestinfo shows any Startup errors?

Fredrick Lackey:

Yeah, tried that.  No exceptions.  :(

The issue is because your AccountService didn’t inherit Service base class, e.g:

public class AccountService : Service { … }

Fredrick Lackey:

No.  Friggin.  Way.  Are you serious!?!?!  OMG.  How humiliating.