Fredrick Lackey - 72 - Aug 12, 2014

What am I missing?  Ran a NuGet update individually in each project.  Exception after upgrading to v4.0.30 with an existing (functioning) web service.  It’s happening when I call the constructor for the AppHostBase…

public PathCatalogPublicHost() : base(HOST_TITLE, typeof(PathService).Assembly) { }

at ServiceStack.NativeTypesFeature…ctor()
at ServiceStack.ServiceStackHost…ctor(String serviceName, Assembly[] assembliesWithServices)
at ServiceStack.AppHostBase…ctor(String serviceName, Assembly[] assembliesWithServices)
at Hosting.PathCatalogPublicHost…ctor() in c:_Source\Hosting\PathCatalogPublicHost.cs:line 21
at Hosting.Global.Application_Start(Object sender, EventArgs e) in c:_Source\Hosting\Global.asax.cs:line 16

It’s been working for me no problems. Any chance you can send me a small stand-alone repro? Can’t infer anything from the description.

Fredrick Lackey:

Disregard.  Looks like NuGet should be called NuForGet.  Killed off the assemblies and reinstalled… problem solved (unfortunately).

ok great, was hoping it was something like that :slight_smile: