Fredrik Forssen - 211 - Nov 4, 2014

I’m using OrmLite and I have a table where I want to blob the value of a column. The type that I want to blob into that column inherits from an abstract type. Writing the data to the database works quite alright - however reading it back always returns null. When I check what is written in SQL Server I notice that there is no type information written, which would explain why it can’t deserialize the blob back into an object. Is there any way/configuration to make the OrmLite blobbing work with inheritance or am I forced to blob the column manually? (Creating a strongly typed column is not an option, the table in question is an event table and I can’t have one column per event type.)

Hi Fredrik can you open an issue with some code to repro at:

Fredrik Forssen:

Done, you have an issue with a link to a gist showing the problem.