Fredrik Forssen - 417 - Aug 11, 2014

The new SSE support looks really nice and shiny :slight_smile: However, is there any support for consuming SSE with a C# client instead of a javascript one?

Hi Fredrik, I haven’t created the C# client bindings for this yet but will look at it after I got this weeks release out of the way. Out of curiosity what’s the use-case you’d want to use a c# client for? i.e. is it for mobile or server-to-server comms?

Fredrik Forssen:

I am using ServiceStack as a replacement for WCF for a WPF desktop application communicating with a (servicestack) server. In the future there will also be web clients and mobile clients communicating with the same api as the desktop client. The application is an authoring environment where multiple authors are going to work, so the main use case here would be to push out updates to other authors that certain business objects has been updated, or are currently being worked on by other users etc. I’m not in a hurry to get SSE support since we’ve still got plenty of time until the first release, but it looks like it would be a very nice feature to have that could make the user experience even nicer. :slight_smile:

ok great, appreciate the info, thx!

Fredrik Forssen:

By the way, does the servicestack implementation of SSE support CORS?

Nope, but I hadn’t seen it as part of the SSE standard and there’s little info on it, but I’ll see what it takes.

There is now a C# Server Sent Events Client available, docs are at: