FYI: Latest 8.0.1 on MyGet

When I update to the latest 8.0.1 from MyGet today, my code won’t build anymore. Several errors, such as not finding ServiceStack.Common (can’t restore) and .Each not found anymore, and Script does not exist in the namespace ServiceStack, and more. Disabling MyGet and using the latest 8.* from regular MyGet (with a clean solution first) builds like normal.

The packages are available, but it might have been the MyGet service which was down at the time you did the restore. We added as an alternate source due to ongoing issues with MyGet, as well as GitHub Packages but that requires authentication with GitHub to use it.

If you don’t need the pre-release packages, best to just use NuGet as you did, otherwise we have documentation on the various options above you can follow to try another source.

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Thanks, adding Feedz allowed me to download 8.0.1 with no errors.
Even did the dotnet nuget locals all --clear just to make sure.

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