Generate Xml Documentation


I was wondering if you could enable the xml documentation file option (How do you include Xml Docs for a class library in a NuGet package?).

It would be quite a productivity boost for us folks learning the framework.

Ex: Didn’t know that Save Method did this

        /// <returns>true if a row was inserted; false if it was updated</returns>

till i read the source from git.


We’re already generating XML and including it in the NuGet package:

There must be some configuration thingy, check maybe the configuration manager at the build settings in VS.

I checked
Solution\packages\ServiceStack.OrmLite.4.0.61\lib\net40 and it correctly contains both dll and xml.

Solution\packages\ServiceStack.OrmLite.4.0.61\lib\net45 contains only the dll .

Or my Nuget is crippled again :smile: