Generating out of order

Having a problem where generating a typescript reference is returning a dto that has things declared out of order. We have simply been hand editing this, but we would like to fix if possible. None of the offending things out of order contain a dependency inside the dto for what is out of order, but they do extend from them. Any thoughts on what I might be able to try to fix this?

What are you referring to by out of order? What’s an example C# DTO and generated TypeScript DTO that shows this?

Basically you have an opportunity to modify the DTO metadata used to generate the types with FilterTypes, this is the default:

TypeScriptGenerator.FilterTypes = types => types.OrderTypesByDeps();

You’ll have an opportunity to modify the DTO metadata here.

C# DTO :

    public class ListSpaceSummariesResponse : VegaListResponse<ListSpaceSummariesModel>


public abstract class VegaListResponse<TModel> : IVegaListResponse<TModel>
    public List<TModel> Result { get; set; }
    public ResponseStatus ResponseStatus { get; set; }

Typescript DTO Declared before VegaListResponse:

export class ListSpaceSummariesResponse extends VegaListResponse

public constructor(init?: Partial<ListSpaceSummariesResponse>) { super(init); (Object as any).assign(this, init); }


Typescript VegaListResponse (Used all over):

export class VegaListResponse
public result: TModel[];
public responseStatus: ResponseStatus;

public constructor(init?: Partial<VegaListResponse<TModel>>) { (Object as any).assign(this, init); }