Get all types from container

Is there a way to get all the types in the Container that implement a certain interface, even though they are not registered with that interface?

for example:

I have this interface:

public interface IMySpecificStorage : IMarkerStorage 
... some important methods

and I register this in the container as: container.AddSingleton<IMySpecificStorage, MySpecificStorageClass()>()

I do have many of these kinds of specific storages, and at some point I want to get to them all from the container, at runtime.

Notionally I want to do something like this: container.ResolveAllServices<IMarkerStorage>() but I know this does not work

Is is possible? or do I have to create my one way of keeping track of them? any suggested patterns for doing that?

No there’s no public API for this, I’d probably use a helper container class to help manage them, something like:

public class MarkerStorages 
    private readonly Container container;
    public Type[] StorageTypes { get; }
    public MarkerStorages(Funq.Container container, params Type[] storageTypes)
        this.container = container;
        StorageTypes = storageTypes;

    public void RegisterAll() => 
        StorageTypes.Each(x => container.RegisterAutoWiredType(x));

    public List<IMarkerStorage> GetAllStorages() => 
        StorageTypes.Map(type => (IMarkerStorage) container.Resolve(type));

container.Register(c => new MarkerStorages(c, 
    typeof(MyStorage1), typeof(MyStorage2)));


//Resolve example:
//var allStorages = container.Resolve<MarkerStorages>().GetAllStorages();

So to access from your Service class you could have a MarkerStorages property that you call GetAllStorages() to retrieve all instances.