GET Authenticate Requests Disabled

Im setting up a new station and am running into the following error which is not present on my notebook dev station. Any ideas what might cause this ?

405 NotSupportedException
Code: NotSupportedException, Message: GET Authenticate requests are disabled, to enable set AuthFeature.AllowGetAuthenticateRequests = req => true
Server StackTrace:

It’s a default change in the latest v5.4.1 release where GET Authenticate requests are not allowed by default, the error message says how to allow it for all requests:

Plugins.Add(new AuthFeature(...) {
    AllowGetAuthenticateRequests = req => true

Out of curiosity which of your auth requests were triggering it? e.g. were you trying to authenticate via the queryString /auth/credentials?Username=xxx&Password=xxx ?

Sorry about the delay to respond, yes that is correct. The change worked thanks