Get Dictionary<int,string> from Stored Proc

I was trying to keep from having to create a model just for this. I just need to get a Dictionary<int,string> from a stored procedure but it doesn’t look like cmd.ConvertTo<Dictionary<int, string>>() works. I get an empty Dictionary with the following proc…

use Testing
create procedure dbo.SelectTestDictionary
    set nocount on;

    -- Select back results as a dictionary of <ID,Action>
    select 1 as 'ID', 'ADD' as 'Action'
    union all
    select 2 as 'ID', 'REMOVE' as 'Action'


using the following test…

public void SelectDictionaryFromProc()
    using (var db = _DBFactory.OpenDbConnection())
        using (var cmd = db.SqlProc("dbo.SelectTestDictionary"))
            var result = cmd.ConvertTo<Dictionary<int, string>>();
            if (result != null && result.Any())
                Console.WriteLine("result is empty");

What am I missing here to do this without having to create a model and use cmd.ConvertToList<IDWithActionModel>();?

The only Dynamic Results that’s supported is Dictionary<string, object>, i.e. a Dictionary mapping column names to values, e.g:

var results = db.Select<Dictionary<string,object>>("EXEC SelectTestDictionary");

This is different to the top-level IDbConnection.Dictionary API which creates a dictionary from the first 2 columns which you’d want to try instead:

var map = db.Dictionary<int,string>("EXEC SelectTestDictionary");