Graham Laidler - 200 - Dec 2, 2014

Hi, I have successfully implemented RedisMQ and SSE and the two together are awesome.  I am sharing a redis instance across multiple instances (IIS Applications) of an application, but all MQ messages for a given request go into a list with the name of the Request DTO.  Is there any way of injecting an additional string value into this so that instances don’t pick up other instance’s work?

This is a feature of MQ’s where you can naturally (i.e. no touch) load balance by spinning up more servers/processes and having them all looking at the same MQ Broker - So I’d personally recommend keeping the app servers stateless so that they can process other instances work, which will let you scale by just spawning more servers.

But you can modify the QueueNames used with QueueNames.SetQueuePrefix or QueueNames.ResolveQueueNameFn - see these tests for examples on how to use them: