Grzegorz Zielinski - 166 - Dec 13, 2013

Hello !

1. After upgrade to ServiceStack 4 I have problem with RequiredPermission attribute.
Services with RequiredPermission does not work: I get
HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found response.
This same services without RequiredPermission attribute or with attribute and permission string empty working properly.

2. Where I can download .pdb files to Service Stack 4 ? Without them it is hard to debug problems.


It might be because it’s trying to redirect to the default /login page. You can change this url by specifying a HtmlRedirect when you register the AuthFeature plugin.

the pdb symbols for the NuGet releases are deployed to symbol source at the same time, here are some instructions for configuring VS.NET to look at the deployed symbols:

Grzegorz Zielinski:

1. Yes, you right - this is problem with HtmlRedirect.
I do not set HtmlRedirect, in this case AuthFeature plugin set it to “~login” and I get http 304 (than expected 403).
The solution is simple: authFeature.HtmlRedirect = null;

2. The second problem is with my custom session. In the last service stack versions it is necessary to set UserAuthId property. Without this RequiredPermissionAttribute.HasAllPermissions always return false.
(It would be useful to add this information to the docs)

3. I have good source symbol configuration (I check pdb requests by http sniffer) but does not have some files. For example I can download ServiceStack.Client.pdb, ServiceStack.Common.pdb but I can’t get ServiceStack.pdb