Grzegorz Zielinski - 508 - Dec 20, 2013


I have small problem with OrmLite and Firebird Provider. I have a database table with the field called “FUNCTION”. This is firebird reserved word, so it need be quoted.
I tried to set FirebirdOrmLiteDialectProvider.QuoteNames = true but without success - I got exceptions on database inserts.

I look in the old OrmLite sources ( and FirebirdOrmLiteDialectProvider.RESERVED words list do not include “FUNCTION”.

So, what can I do ?

I added it to the reserved words in this commit: but may be another week before the next deployment, so will need to compile from source if you need it before then

Grzegorz Zielinski:

Thank you. But we use 4.0.5 version. What in this situation ? Do you provide source codes for 4.x version ?

All the source code is on GitHub in the master branches. e.g. OrmLite is here: the NuGet packages map 1:1 with the C# projects in the repo