Hook into object instantiation

Hi, I see there are hooks to allow interception of Insert/Update on Ormlite (for validation or auditing), but is there any way I can do the same on retrieval? I have a number of classes that are persisted via ormlite, but have some readonly ([Ignore]) properties that are time-dependent & with the current date/time.

I want to be able to “inject” a “datetime provider” onto to the object after it’s been generated by ormlite, so these comparisons can work in differing timezones etc, but without having code wherever these classes are retrieved by ormlite. Is this possible?


It wouldn’t be the same as Update/Insert filter which lets you validate an object before sending it to the RDBMS that doesn’t happen when populating result sets. OrmLite just returns POCOs so you should be able to pass them in a generic routine to populate them as you wish.