Hot Reloading hangs while debugging vue-spa

Hi guys,

I am suddenly having issues with hot reloading on the Core vue-spa templates (which survives a restart of the machine). The webpack-build runs with no errors (while “dev” task is running), but the page refresh simply hangs indefinitely in the browser. There are no JavaScript errors generated in the console, but I noticed that the Networking Console is flooded with dozens of the following requests :

refreshing the tab appears to have no effect, but if I copy the URL to a new tab - the page loads correctly (with the changes).

any ideas what could be causing this?


PS: I thought this might be a browser-specific issue : same results in Firefox…

I also picked up an info message (not coming through as an error which is breaking the webpack build) :

Error: EBUSY: resource busy or locked, open (pointing to index.html file under wwwroot folder)

could that be the issue? how do I prevent the index.html file from being locked, if that is the case?

Is it getting into a cyclic loop? Although the duration seems to suggest the long polls are working as intended.

You can try commenting out the hot-reload support in index.template.ejs to prevent the long poll requests, e.g:

{{* ifDebug | select: <script>{ '/js/hot-fileloader.js' | includeFile }</script> *}}

It looks like it’s related to a contentious file locking issue that restarting the process + IDE may fix.

commenting out the long polling didn’t resolve the issue. I also tried deleting and re-creating the index.html file with no luck…

if I leave the tab open for long enough then eventually the Chrome DevTools crash…

scratches head

it didn’t do this from the outset (i.e: the behaviour was as expected for many weeks worth of development), which suggests something environmental to me. Just not sure where to look to try and figure this out…

perhaps its an endless render loop on the VUE side of things?

Yeah crashing Chrome could point to an infinite recursive loop. I’d look into debugging JS in WebInspector to see if anything unusual like that is happening.