How Debugging Source Symbols

I followe the setp on wiki
but I can not step into source,I found the result was FailedLoads on Symbols dir,
can I clone git source and debug it?how should I do for example, i want to debug into AuthenticateService on my project

I add the ss project to my project , and delect the reference of ss which downloads from nuget ,but there are many errors ,may be I add the wrong *.csprj or it have some ‘define XXXXX’ or \ServiceStack.Interfaces\servicestack-sn.pfx”。 error

and I have a qustion : I don’t add AuthFeature to Plugins, when I visitd a ServiceStackController marked ‘Authenticate’ ,
it redirect to ‘/logon’ (may be a mistake in mvc5 project it should be /api/logon ?) but the source at ‘AuthenticateAttribute’ is

    public override void Execute(IRequest req, IResponse res, object requestDto)
            if (AuthenticateService.AuthProviders == null)
                throw new InvalidOperationException(
                    "The AuthService must be initialized by calling AuthService.Init to use an authenticate attribute");

            if (HostContext.HasValidAuthSecret(req))

            var matchingOAuthConfigs = AuthenticateService.AuthProviders.Where(x =>
                || x.Provider == this.Provider).ToList();

            if (matchingOAuthConfigs.Count == 0) //I think this should be true if I don't add AuthFeature so AuthProviders count=0
                res.WriteError(req, requestDto, $"No OAuth Configs found matching {this.Provider ?? "any"} provider");

If you have issues with downloading symbols from symbol source server you can also download *.pdb and source files from there: and point directly from visual studio to pdb locations while debugging.

The /login route is a default convention for redirecting a User to your Login page if they try to access a protected resource when they’re not authenticated.

It expects you to have your Login page available at ~/login but you can change it to redirect to another route by either specifying it when you register the AuthFeature plugin, e.g:

Plugins.Add(new AuthFeature(() => new CustomUserSession(),
        new IAuthProvider[] { ... })
        HtmlRedirect = "/",

Or when you register the [Authenticate] attribute, e.g:


@xplicit @mythz thank you for your answer,
can you tell me why matchingOAuthConfigs != 0 when I not register AuthFeature?
I should debug source by myself ,but I cann’t setup the Envirment now, I will try again!

You need to register the AuthFeature in order to use ServiceStack Authentication, the oAuthConfigs are of the different Auth Providers registered when you register the AuthFeature.