How do I control /login page?

After upgrading all my projects to 5.8.1 I have noticed that they all have a new page “/login” that seems to be coming from the backend.

This seems like a really useful feature but in some cases it has replaced the SPA route or I have alternate logic I want for login.

How do I change the route and/or disable it?

I assume it’s coming from AuthFeature plugin but cant find docs mentioning it, sorry if I missed it.

Docs don’t get updated until after release.

The AuthFeature adds a fallback /login.html page if the HtmlRedirect remains the default and it detects there’s no /login.html, or if you were using Razor /login or #Script /login page it would continue to render those instead. But looks like you’re using an SPA route for your login which isn’t detectable from the server that there’s an SPA /login route, anyway it can be disabled with:

new AuthFeature {
    IncludeDefaultLogin = false
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