How do you register a custom AuthProvider for a single DTO only?

I have created my own MyHmacAuthProvider that derives from AuthProvider and implements IAuthWithRequest.

I now only want to apply this provider to one of the operations one of many services (and not apply it to any other services or operations).

I am using this syntax right now on my operation:

 internal class MyService : Service
        public MyResponseDto Any(MyRequestDto body)
            // Do Stuff here...

What I want to know is how to register this MyHmacAuthProvider in the AppHost, so it does not get applied to any other operation except the one I am showing here?

(I already tried adding it to the collection of AuthProvider[] in the AuthFeature but that applies it to all operations of all services. I obviously don’t want that)

This customization doesn’t exist, but you should be able to check for it in your Custom AuthProvider PreAuthenticate() method by inspecting the IRequest.Dto.