How get sqlite schema?

I use PRAGMA table_info(TableName) in commandline get table schema successly, but next code will throw SQLite error near “table_info”: syntax error

using (var db = dbFactory.Open())
                var ret = db.Select<TableSchema>("PRAGMA table_info(TableName)");

  class TableSchema
        public int cid { get; set; }
        public string name { get; set; }
        public string type { get; set; }

q1: is there any api get table schema?
q2: is there a example or is it possible use a ExpandoObject instance object to crud due to the object prop( table field) will be known at runtime?

There’s no API to get Sqlite’s table schema but you can fetch the results using OrmLite’s dynamic resultset APIs, e.g:

var sql = $$"PRAGMA table_info({tableName})";

var columns = db.SqlList<Dictionary<string, object>>(sql);
foreach (var column in columns)
    object oColumnName;
    if (column.TryGetValue("name", out oColumnName))
       //get more info about column
var xx = db.SqlList<Dictionary<string, object>>("SELECT * from " + tableName);  // method A
//var xx = db.SelectLazy<Dictionary<string, object>>("SELECT  * from " + tableName); // method B
 foreach (var x in xx)
     var colValue = x[colName] ... some work

now I used method A can get right result, but my table is too big ,so I want to select it by cursor,
method B always return wrong result (xx is empty),why?

maybe I should use ExecuteReader ,I try it

         var reader = db.ExecuteReader("SELECT * from " + tableName);
                while (reader.Read())
                    var x = reader.ConvertToDictionaryObjects();

the above code worked, how about q2:

It’s hard to understand what you mean in your other questions but it looks like you just want to deserialize the results into a POCO model in which case you should use db.SqlList<T> for executing any queries that’s not a SELECT statement, e.g:

var results = db.SqlList<TableSchema>("PRAGMA table_info(TableName)");

You should only use db.Select<T> for SELECT statements.

On a side note after converting to an Object Dictionary you should be able to map it back to a POCO Type with FromObjectDictionary() extension method, e.g:

var x = reader.ConvertToDictionaryObjects();
var poco = x.FromObjectDictionary(typeof(Poco));

thank you ! i