How to create a temp table in mysql

Trying to create a temp table with ormlite.

Would I use a filter to catch the ‘create table’ and convert it to a ‘create TEMPORARY table’ ???

You can get the CREATE TABLE SQL with:

var createSql = db.GetDialectProvider().ToCreateTableStatement(typeof(Table));

That gives me the SQL for the create table of the class I provide as Table. Then I replace create table’ with ‘create TEMPORARY table’ and execute it?

Right OrmLite doesn’t explicitly support temporary tables but you should be able to modify the SQL to add the TEMPORARY keyword with something like:

var createSql = db.GetDialectProvider().ToCreateTableStatement(typeof(Table));
var parts = createSql.SplitOnFirst(' ');
var tempSql = parts[0] + " TEMPORARY " + parts[1];


public static class OrmLiteMySqlExtensionMethods
    public static int  CreateTempTable<T>(this IDbConnection connection)
        var createSql = connection.GetDialectProvider().ToCreateTableStatement(typeof(T));
        var ncreate = createSql.Replace("CREATE TABLE", "CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE");
        return connection.ExecuteSql(ncreate);
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