How to enable Studio - User Management in NorthwindCrud sample application?

On my Mac, I used these steps to download and run,
$ x download NetCoreApps/NorthwindCrud -out NorthwindCrud
$ cd NorthwindCrud
$ dotnet run
I am interested in using the feature described in Is there a “x mix ???” that I can add to get access to “AdminUsersFeature”? When I tried “x mix feature-authrepo”, it added 2 files, but that did not enable user management in Studio. Can you please help?

It’s as the docs say you just need to register the AdminUsersFeature Plugin in your AppHost that’s in Startup.cs

Plugins.Add(new AdminUsersFeature());

Then you need to add an Admin user, e.g. by adding a new user with the Admin role in Configure.Auth.cs:

EnsureUser("", name:"The Admin", roles:new[]{ "Admin" });

Then when you start the app and view the home page:

$ dotnet run

The home page has a link to open Studio with the app dotnet tool:


Where you should see your app appear in the UI:

Then click the Users button and sign in with your Admin user, e.g.

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Perfect , that worked like a charm. Thanks very much.

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