How to issue pull request for a new library?

I’m keeping this intentionally generic, since it might be valid for other scenarios.

I have written a new library that parallels the AWS library. I’d like to issue a pull request, but I’m not sure the best way to. The ServiceStack.AWS is its own stand-alone repo, so I could certainly create a repo and let the ServiceStack team fork it. However, I want it to be viewed that this is a first-party library, so I’d prefer if SS created the initial repo.

So, how do we go about creating a new repo to further enhance ServiceStack? Assuming of course that it passes Mythz’s roadmap and quality checks.

In particular, I’ve created Azure modules for Caching and VirtualPathProvider. I’m currently working on Service Bus support for MQ.

I can just create the repo, what would the best name for it be, ServiceStack.Azure?

That’s what made sense to me. I’ll follow the structure of the ServiceStack.Aws repo for consistency.


Cool, yeah sticking to the AWS structure would help a lot, thx.