How to pass enum object using ssutil.exe?

when using

ssutil -file TechStacks -lang CSharp

I used to get (line 692 of the generated file)

public virtual PaymentType PaymentType { get; set; }

now it’s outputting

public virtual string PaymentType { get; set; }

and I tried decorate with the use of [ApiMember(DataType="PaymentType")] but now it returns

public virtual string PaymentType { get; set; }

and this is from an upgrade to version .60 …

Did something changed in ssutil.exe ? What is now the correct way of passing the enum object instead of string?

This is a bug with v4.0.60 that was unfortunately found the day after release, but has been fixed on v4.0.61 on MyGet since.

ss-utils.exe is a thin wrapper over your ServiceStack instance which it calls to do the actual code-gen, i.e. so any code-gen issues are never specific to ss-utils, it’s dependent on the version of ServiceStack you have installed.

I’ll revert to .58 then, and wait til .62 is available …

We would needed to reconfigure TeamCity and Octopus for the MyGet repo :confused: and this is a case sensitive project as we’re on a dead line…

But thank you for the prompted answer @mythz

You should revert to v4.0.56 instead, v4.0.60 was just a quick bugfix release for v4.0.58.

ohh, thanks, will do!